image To visit Manchester before a football game

To visit Manchester before a football game

Manchester and football

Manchester: a city of football, music and imposing infrastructure. It is a city with many interesting activities, sites and monuments to see. Indeed, it is in perpetual evolution and becomes dynamic day by day.

If you go there to visit museums, go shopping, visit clubs and stadiums, discover their culture, taste their culinary specialty, you will enjoy it because there are constantly things to do and places to visit. In a nutshell, Manchester is a special city for all tastes.

The stadiums to visit

Renowned worldwide as a city of "higher education, commerce, art and media", Manchester abounds in modern and singular artistic landscapes. The majority of tourists go to this city to watch the preparations especially before a football match. While enjoying the preparations, you can visit unique places such as: 

  • City of Manchester Stadium: This is where citizens grew up. Manchester city is rich in stories. You can have a view of the field and visit the reception areas at the same time or sit behind the press room desk. 
  • Old Trafford stadium: the biggest football stadium in the United Kingdom. A guide is present during each visit to offer you an unforgettable memory which allows you as a tourist to be not only a spectator, but a famous person. As a result, you will have access in the no-go areas to the general public like the players' locker rooms, and an opportunity to have the best view from the height. After laying your feet on the ground, you will pass through the players' tunnel and pass through the Old Trafford Museum. The site has been endowed with football stories for hundred years.

Activities to do in Manchester

During a football match, the city of Manchester is filled with visitors everywhere which does not allow you to take advantage of other activities full time or to walk in every corner.

If you are lucky enough to arrive a bit earlier, you should definitely see the most interesting sights from Manchester Opera House to the Palace Theater, Green Building, Canal Street, Piccadilly Gardens, St Peter's Square, Corner House and many more.

Those who love good music and dance can go for a walk in discotheques almost everywhere. The Tradfford Center is perfect for shopping, you will have everything you need. For those who like to discover the culinary art, fish and chips, balti, pudding, cheese cake, carrot cake and jelly make up the specialties of the population. The main drinks are beer, whiskey and tea.

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