image How to best organize a trip for supporters ?

How to best organize a trip for supporters ?

Trip for supporters

Organizing a trip for a group is quite a challenge, especially if you have a limited amount of time to make all travel arrangements. In fact, you should carefully consider a few important things in order to appropriately organize a trip for supporters. Learn how to plan a group visit with our travel agency.

What should you do?

  • Check the number of attendants: To start with, you need to know how many supporters will go on the trip. It is necessary to confirm this information, to avoid last minute cancelation. One way to do that is to ask supporters to pay a non-refundable registration fee, which confirms their decision to go on the trip. 
  • Book a flight: In order to get a travel discount, it is recommended to book early, especially if you organize a trip for a group of people. You can easily book a group flight online through the eDreams website, which is an online travel agency with many affiliated tour operators in many countries worldwide. 
  • Book an accommodation: Early booking is always advisable in order to get the most convenient accommodation, especially for a group of travelers. For this purpose, why don't you book a flight and accommodation together on eDreams? Options for a large variety of accommodation are provided on its website, including hotels, youth hostels, apartments, villas, studios, and other.

Getting the group Visa

The next step consists in helping supporters to get their Visa. The process happens in two ways: 

  • Visa application: Set a deadline for the attendants to submit their Visa application online. Inform them about the required photo format for the Visa application. 
  • Paying the Visa fees: In order to avoid a delay in all the paperwork, it is advisable to set a deadline for each supporter to make an appointment to get their Visa at the Embassy or Consulate. Each member then should pay their own Visa fees prior to the interview before the flight. 
  • Schedule the Visa interviews: As a trip planner, you are in charge of collecting the financial documents after the supporters paid their Visa fees. Then you submit the documents with any other necessary documents to the Visa Center. The Visa Center agent will communicate the Visa application interview dates of each member to you soon after. 
  • Visa interview preparation. It is important to inform each attendant about what to bring to the Visa application interview. It includes the application letter, passport, photographs, medical exam results, and other original documents.

Other necessary arrangements

In addition to transportation, accommodation and travel documents, you should also think about other important needs during the time when the supporters stay in the destination country. Here are some important things to consider: 

  • Food for the supporters during their stay: Finding a nearby location for breakfast might be an issue for the supporters, especially because the country where they visit is new. Therefore, it is more convenient to book a hotel where breakfast is included in the cost. Otherwise, supporters may lose much time in the morning shopping for breakfast outside their hotel. 
  • Transportation around the travel destination: Getting around the destination is also an issue for a group of travelers. It is usually difficult to get a bus or a tramway as a group, to get around the city. To help you, it is advisable to rent a bus for the supporters. Whether you need to book a B&B or a bus for the group travelers, eDreams is there for you to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.